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Oil free rocking piston air compressor (stationary) 

Part Number:
max. 24.5 l/min (0.87 cfm), max. 7 bar | 8009 series

Product Info

Features & Benefits
- Service free and oil-less
- Compact design
- Balanced for smooth, low vibration operation
- Suitable for continuous running
- Wetted parts
- Corrosion resistant aluminium parts, stainless steel valves
- Long-life, high performance piston seal (Teflon® compound)

Range Technical Overview
- Capacity up to 0.87 cfm / 24.5 l/min
- Pressure to 101.5 psi / 7.0 bar
- Capable of restarting up to 11.6 psi / 0.8 bar
- Other special versions available
Possible Applications
- Medical Industry
- Laboratory & Analysis Technology
- Automotive
- Equipment Manufacturing
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Oil free rocking piston air compressor (stationary)